The Startup and Tech Movement: In Conversation With Amandeep Singh Gill

The African tech movement is here, and it is here to stay. Africa’s Vision 2063 is being fueled by a relentless and unyielding entrepreneurial set building the ventures and products that are igniting the business environment in Africa. Many African ecosystems are flipping their countries into entrepreneurship and product development havens, while others are seeing local startups valued in the hundreds of millions that are building solutions that are solving wicked problems and changing African lives.

The investment and business prospects are enticing with the development and infusion of key enabling technologies such as the blockchain, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and more into the continental startup arena. With robust and ambitious venture and product activity in sectors such as healthtech, climate tech, creative and cultural, logistics, edtech, digital finance, energy and power, and more, there is a tangible buzz of opportunity and excitement in the air.

Amandeep Singh Gill, Under-Secretary-General, UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology
Moderator: Zain Verjee, Executive Producer, Global Africa Business Initiative